Technical 3D Artist

Designhubz - Lebanon [remote]

  • Employment type: Full time
  • Experience: Not applicable
  • Salary: USD1,500 - USD3,000/per month
  • Job has equity or stock options: No
  • Job is remote or has remote working as an option: Yes
  • Apply to email:


Designhubz enables brands to sell their products in 3D & web-based Augmented Reality. We are a venture backed Techstars startup.
We're looking for a technical artist experienced in web technologies.

- Work with developers on our web-based 3D editor and viewers.
- Prototype interaction features in 3D & AR.
- Manage assets creation pipeline: Communicate spec requirements with artists.
- R&D on improving and (semi) automating assets creation pipeline.

- You're a skilled software developer.
- You're at least an okay 3D artist; But more importantly whenever you export a 3D object, you know exactly which mesh attributes are being written to file.
- You can prototype software POC quickly.
- You know when/where to optimize (or not) for memory and performance.
- You go to *'s specs* and ** (or any framework's documentation) before searching for tutorials.

Web languages & frameworks
- Javascript
- WebGL
- Three.js
- Git

Knowledge in/of
- 3D authoring.
- Baking to textures and projection baking, 3D mesh optimization.
- glTF specs (and variants: glB, glTF+Embeds, glTF+bin).
- Other common 3D formats: FBX, OBJ (specs insight).
- Common bitmap formats: PNG, JPEG; And when to use each according to features and memory considerations.
- PCG: Creating (at the very least, textured) meshes through software.
- High level understanding of CPU/GPU communication (and as consequence, the benefits of batching, compressed textures, etc.)

Bonus skills
- Game dev experience
- Web assembly
- Maxscript
- Blender's python API
- Typescript
- Familiar with modern js development: node, npm, bundlers (ie: Webpack)

Thank you for your interest.

* salary is a function of experience and portfolio