Lead Software Engineer

Designhubz - Lebanon [remote]

  • Employment type: Full time
  • Experience: Mid senior level
  • Salary: USD2,000 - USD3,000/per month
  • Remote: Yes
  • Email: chady@designhubz.com


Designhubz provides an ecosystem for brands to sell their products in web-based 3D & Augmented Reality (Room AR, Virtual Try-on tech, etc.).

We're looking for a seasoned engineer with a breadth of experience in building & shipping products, with high standards when it comes to what good code is and what it takes to build high-quality, fault-tolerant software.

What You Will Be Doing
- Simplifying and communicating tasks to developers.
- Completing the most (algorithmically) challenging coding tasks.
- Performing deep dives into software problems.
- Writing technical specs.
- Making decisions about development and deployment environments.
- Reviewing new code quality (Upholding standards of architecture, data structures and algorithms).

Basic Requirements
- Expertise in software development fundamentals: patterns, data structures and algorithms; Achieved either through a university degree or commercial experience.
- At least 3 years of hands-on experience in writing production code for a commercial software company.
- At least 1 year of responsibility for production code written by others.
- Experience with CI/CD and unit testing.
- Experience with service oriented system architecture.
- Languages/Runtimes/Frameworks/Platforms:
  > Javascript, Typescript, Python
  > Nodejs
  > AWS
  > Docker, Kubernetes

More About Us
Designhubz is largely a software tech company, with a smaller engineering department (We develop and manufacture 3D capturing robotic rigs).
We are a venture backed Techstars startup.
The startup is UAE registered, with an active Lebanese founding team: CEO, CTO & Head of Engineering. Most of the larger team works remotely (especially following Covid): Slack, Zoom, Trello, etc.
You'll be collaborating closely with the CTO and interact with graphics programmers, ML & CV experts, web developers, platform engineers, UI/UX designers...

We thank you for your interest.