Full Stack Developer Flask/REACT

Evoliuvo - Lebanon [remote]

  • Employment type: Freelance
  • Experience: Mid senior level
  • Salary: USD1,800 - USD2,500/per month
  • Job has equity or stock options: No
  • Job is remote or has remote working as an option: Yes
  • Apply to email: sdkaaa@gmail.com

Looking for 2 freelance Full Stack Developers with excellent experience in flask, REACT, RESTful API, Docker and (if possible) AWS. [Re-posting]

This is a freelance job based on currently needed tasks and with favorable conditions it could evolve to a part/full-time job.

Please do consider the following before applying:

  • Are you comfortable with working on other people's code? Fixing it, refactoring it, pushing patches and sometimes redevelopping from scratch?
  • Are you confortable with leading on some features/issues, sometimes supporting others but also sometimes working on them alone?
  • Are you able to document your code properly?
  • Are you able to learn new technologies, new protocols even new coding language?
  • Do you usually think outside the box?
  • Do you usually take a moment to think and choose the best method of coding (in the available timeframe) before actually starting to code while keeping in mind the short/middle/long term vision of the project?
  • Do you usually question the method but not the reason?
  • Do you enjoy uptaking new challenges?

If you answered Yes to most of the above, please do email us for more details.