Senior Full-Stack Developer

Polar Stork - Lebanon [remote]

  • Employment type: Full time
  • Experience: Mid senior level
  • Salary: USD2,000 - USD2,500/per month
  • Remote: Yes
  • Email:

Polar Stork is a tech team for startups who builds the future together as partners. 

We believe that technology should be speeding startups up, never slowing them down, and we work together with founders to build their technology the way they would if they knew how.

Most of our clients are startups in the US who also want to change the world, so expect a fast pace, lots of changes and be ready to give your input when you think something is missing.

Our team is hybrid and remote, we have an office in New York and in Beirut, and team members in 4 continents. Today we're looking for a senior developer to join our team in Beirut - our offices are at Berytech Mathaf.

Beyond the tech tasks, you should be a team player. Communication is key, knowing when to be autonomous and when to ask for help from the team (and the web) is what makes it or break it.

The main technology stack that we're looking for includes Angular, Ionic and React in general on the front-end. Node and Laravel on the back-end, and Python (Django) would be a nice to have. Experience is automated tests is a plus. We're sure that you'll bring additional Technologies and Frameworks to the table, and we'll be able to challenge eachother.

Interested candidates, please answer the following 3 questions, and send your resume and a link to your public repository:

1) What new/futuristic technology would you love to work on?

2) If you weren't a software developer, what career would you embrace and why?

3) What would be your dream company to work at, and why? 

4) What is the most important factor for you when deciding to take up a new job or professional challenge?