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Omar Al-Ashi

Front-End Software Developer, at Kamkalima

Front-End Software Developer

Omar Ghader

I Graduated with a Bachelor in Computer and Communications Engineering with a GPA of 3.75 from AUST. Although I haven't occupied any positions related to my field of study, I did work as a teacher at a school and tutoring center and have taught many school and universi ... Read more

Omaya Noureddine

Frontend web developer

I am a front end web developer mainly and i develop full front and back end wordpress websites with 5 years of professional experience.

Pascale El Hajj

Office Manager/Account Executive, at Co-gent

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Qais Aboujaoude

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Rabih Monzer

Software Engineer, at FOO

Experienced and motivated Software Engineer with a proven record of building and maintaining software solutions with backed up professional documentation and tests. Dependable, creative, and organized team player with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Rami Alame

Passionate, dedicated innovator

Rami Chamoun

CEO, at Salemtech

Rami has been working as a management consultant focused on tech and healthcare industries in the Middle East for ~5 years and is currently CEO and co-founder of Salemtech - a health technology startup based out of Lebanon focusing on telemedicine and AI empowered consultations

Ramy Merheb

Backend Developer, at Quakevision

My technical arsenal: Frontend: Web Development using HTML5, JavaScript ( Jquery, Angular2+ ) and CSS3, Backend: Web Development Using PHP MVC Model and Laravel Framework, Familiar with NodeJS. Familiar with Java ( Main Language used in school for learning algorithm and Da ... Read more

Rawan Nemer

Recruitment Officer, at Net-Recrute

I am currently headhunting skilled Lebanese IT/Tech people for international companies to expand rising careers.