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CardioDiagnostics is a Data Analytics Medical Technology Company whose innovative work was recognized by President Barack Obama. The company developed the World’s 1st Cloud-Based, Hardware-Agnostic, HIPAA-Compliant Cardiac Monitoring Solution, acc...
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Charly chakhtoura   profile pic Charly Chakhtoura
Charly Chakhtourra is the Senior Product Manager & QA Lead @ Idea To Life. Charly manages the tech products that are being developed from beginning to end, and is responsible of performing proper documentation, and leads on quality assurance on e...
831169chawki Chawki MATTA
Polarstork logo square Christian Chemaly
I founded Polar Stork with the dream to build a top-notch tech team to help startups achieve their goals and build with them products that will allow them to succeed. Over the past 10 years, I have worked in different company sizes and industries...
8283fd7c48111ab45ee24ed7 slack profile picture?1530275780 Christophe Zoghbi
Computer Vision & Machine Learning
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Cinemoz is the leading free to watch Video on Demand platform in the MENA region delivering an impressive array of TV shows, documentaries, short features and movies from and to the Arab world. Cinemoz is currently planning exciting new products ...
D991cda75ebdf32ce5d6fd30 slack profile picture?1580391420 Constantine Nikolaou
Software Developer with experience in building and deploying complex products and features on a range of platforms. MENAdevs founding member.