Ahmad Hijazi


I am an RPA Solution Architect and team leader currently working on designing, architecting, implementing, and delivering intelligent RPA solutions to leading customers in different regions, certified in UiPath and Blue Prism. My current role involves ensuring projects delivery with a high level of quality, participation in sales support activities and technical meetings with clients to gather all requirements, support developers and deliver technical/business training to customers and new employees, enforcing best practices whilst keeping an eye on the big picture and overall roadmap and vision of our clients. Highly skilled in Artificial Intelligence and particularly in Deep Learning, my research paper has been published in a big conference (http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2343/paper12.pdf). I have hands-on experience in developing AI and Deep Learning algorithms using Tensorflow and Keras technologies. I believe that AI is essential for improving the quality of life, and I believe each human has a purpose in this world, mine is to contribute to this improvement. Experienced in networking and telecom systems (HCNA routing & switching certified), web and application development (proficient in Java, Python, and Javascript), cyber-security (Cisco CCNA Cyber-ops certified), cloud computing (Google GCP Certified) with hands-on experience in Docker and Kubernates, Linux/Windows administration, and databases (SQL Server and IBM DB2). I believe soft-skills are as much important as hard-skills, organizations need creative and persuasive employees who can conceive the solutions of tomorrow. And as projects grow increasingly more complex and global in the age of AI, effective collaboration and time-management skills only grow more important. Most importantly for me is the adaptability, I believe that an adaptable mind is an essential tool for navigating today’s ever-changing world, as yesterday’s solutions won’t solve tomorrow’s problems.

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