Profile picture default Abed Halawi
Tech Lead at Vinelab
Profile picture default Adnan Balhawan
information systems manager @ dipndip inc. full stack software engineer
Profile picture default AI Venture Labs
We accelerate AI, cloud based startups to transform industries vertical-by-vertical, and we provide them with Industry Labs to build and grow. For that end, we have developed a new co-acceleration approach by partnering with Microsoft to give star...
27173589 383251495480852 6250106806992344054 o Ali Bassam
I am a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in the Banking Sector. I have had the privilege to work on several projects for leading banks in the Middle East such as Al Rajhi Bank in KSA and the Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque du Liban)....
Profile picture default Ali Koubeissi
Profile picture default Ali Rifaii
My name is Ali Rifaii from Lebanon a Senior Digital Producer & Developer . I have more than 8 years of experience in leading web, mobile and software projects, as well as managing and administering Databases. I have led project teams from differen...
20819365 795807233912124 3062056681892134129 o Ali Zahr
iOS Engineer, Passionate about inventing new concepts out of chaos, And open source advocate.
Profile picture default CardioDiagnostics
CardioDiagnostics is a Data Analytics Medical Technology Company whose innovative work was recognized by President Barack Obama. The company developed the World’s 1st Cloud-Based, Hardware-Agnostic, HIPAA-Compliant Cardiac Monitoring Solution, acc...
Profile picture default Cedric Hadjian
Charly chakhtoura   profile pic Charly Chakhtoura
Charly Chakhtourra is the Senior Product Manager & QA Lead @ Idea To Life. Charly manages the tech products that are being developed from beginning to end, and is responsible of performing proper documentation, and leads on quality assurance on e...
831169chawki Chawki MATTA
Polarstork logo square Christian Chemaly
I founded Polar Stork with the dream to build a top-notch tech team to help startups achieve their goals and build with them products that will allow them to succeed. Over the past 10 years, I have worked in different company sizes and industries...
8283fd7c48111ab45ee24ed7 slack profile picture?1530275780 Christophe Zoghbi
Computer Vision & Machine Learning
D991cda75ebdf32ce5d6fd30 slack profile picture?1516717346 Constantine Nicolaou
Software Developer with experience in building and deploying complex products and features on a range of platforms. Founding member of MENAdevs online community.
Dani Dani Arnaout
Dani Arnaout is the co-founder & CTO at Saily Inc that developed one of the top ranking shopping apps on the App Store with over 500,000 users. His side venture Abstract Layer, the programming AI that automates software development, has landed him...
22459289 10212944877749262 2366446224339427928 o eddy abikhalil
php developer + front end developer
41222131 10155920851773215 7556633836461752320 o %283%29 Edouard Sioufi
Using science to create better learning experiences. Co-founder @ Protégé. Started coding at 13. Current stack is React and Node.
Flower fairy Elias Abou Jaoude
I am software developer focusing mostly on Back-end and Machine Learning. I am proficient with Python, but also have experience with C#(too bad it's only useful on Windows :/) and C++(albeit to a lesser extent than the other two. Good enough to be...
Profile picture default Farah Bousaleh
MT2 [Mobile Technology Tomorrow] is the largest regional Media and Mobile Entertainment Company, and is known as the Preferred Mobile Payment and Monetization Associate for over 50+ Business Partners. We are an innovative provider of Telecom Valu...
Profile picture default Gaby Karam
Beer George Haddad
988741b52b53e229a800460c slack profile picture?1553169583 Habib Ahwash
2 jpg Hamza Benzaoui
A technically sophisticated and business-savvy software professional & application solution provider with a pioneering career in the IT industry, reflecting vast exposure to technologies, leadership qualifications, and innovation capabilities. Exp...
D06873b4326fc0a3d02bb859 slack profile picture?1540639278 Hasan Hawash
Professional software engineer that stays calm under pressure; and can serve the best chicken alfredo you’d ever have.
Optimized optimized profile Hassan Khousheish
Motivated tech enthusiast looking for challenging opportunities in machine learning and game development. Successfully implemented several projects as part of local entrepreneurial competitions.