We are MENA Devs

one of the largest active online communities in the MENA region
What is MENAdevs

What is MENAdevsA group to belong to

The Slack group started in January 2015 and we've grown steadily ever since. We have now reached a total of +350 members. The group is restricted to professionals working in the Software Development Industry.

Our mission

Our MissionTo learn, have fun, exchange knowledge

Slack is one of the mediums with which we achieved the goal of connecting. The purpose of our existence is to join forces to grow at an individual capacity and as a collective.

What is our aim

What is our aim To produce

Our region is known for its reliance on consuming technology and repurposing it for our needs. Our aim is to change that. As a collective we have and we will continue to produce what's in the best interest of our group and the communities we are part of.

Actively Developed Open Source Projects
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